Air_conditioner Stamping Die




Advanced skills and wide experience in developing stamping die for each part of air conditioning to Haier, Hisense.


Working on air conditioning mould more than 9 years, we build up wide experience and most advanced technology in air conditioning stamping die and progressive die. Developing stamping die for newest series air conditioning metal assembly to Haier, Hisense.


We have made stamping die for air conditioning side panel, fan blade, top cover, back protecting plate, bracket, ventilation metal part, base pan, outer profile etc. The air conditioning metal parts extend to wall mounted air conditioning, floor standing, window, portable air conditioner, Central air conditioning, and commercial air conditioner.


With reliable quality, excellent service, and competitive lead time, our moulds have exported over 30 countries. Around air conditioning, we will study it update, and optimize moulds solution for air conditioning metal parts.